Friday Fave: A Copycat Volcano Candle

image via  Target

If you’ve ever walked in to Anthropologie and, like me, thought, “I wish my house could smell like this.” this post is for you. If you’ve ever splurged for the magical Capri Blue Volcano candle that makes Anthropologie smell so good and, like me, cringed at the price you’re paying for one candle, this post is for you. If you’ve ever gotten that candle home and thought, like me, this might be a little strong for my house, this post is for you. And, if you’ve ever been sad when the candle finally burns out because you, like me, changed your mind about it being too strong, this post is for you.

I won’t pretend that this post is revolutionary or that I’m the first one to share this. I’m not. In fact, I first read about it here, but that doesn’t make it any less one of my favorite things. In fact, every night, when I light the candle, I think, I need to tell more people about it!

Island Moonlight by Bella at Target is a dead ringer for the Capri Blue Volcano candle I love but at a fraction of the price. While its container isn’t anywhere near as beautiful as the blue jar of the Volcano, the scent is spot on. If you’re like me and have ever thought that the Capri candle scent is a bit strong, you will be in love with this candle.

And, if you’re thinking … but how do I make it look cute … that’s easy too. The Island Moonlight label is really just a sticker and, with a little patience, it will peel right off leaving you with a lovely gold container. I bought a gold lantern from the patio section (only $13.99) that elevates the look of the candle and turned it into a statement piece on my coffee table. The best part? The candle and the lantern together cost less than one Capri Blue! A lovely candle, a beautiful lantern and a reason to go to Target … what’s not to love?!  

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